In Times of Crisis: Look at Yourself

Focus on what makes you uncomfortable

Jill Cox-Cordova
3 min readMay 28, 2020


Dr. Kris Marsh is a sociologist and tenured professor at the University of Maryland

Sociologist Dr. Kris Marsh is engaging in an activity right now that we should all consider doing: self-reflection.

Really look at yourself

That reminds me of what I see in the mirror, the external in the form of more gray, more worry lines, and certainly more weight. The ‘Rona Rolls, I call it.

Still, I have not avoided looking at my reflection. Viewing who I am on the inside these days is sometimes harder.

As Marsh said in our interview, “I’m uncomfortable with my uncomfortableness.”

That has not stopped Marsh from looking within.

Specifically, she is focusing on the things that make her uncomfortable, stuff like bugs, stocks, and her own flaws.

During the interview below, she told me how she’s found beauty in that uncomfortableness and has learned a lot in her quest to do things differently.

You can do something different, too

Psychologist and professor Gregg Henriques, who is on a quest to build a wellness community, also said it is important to engage in self-reflective awareness during and after this pandemic.

Just be sure you do it in a healthy way.

The CALM MO Approach

Henriques coined the acronym CALM MO. The letters stand for the following approach with your emotions:

C — Curious about why you have this emotion.

A — Accept it, even if it is negative.

L — Be Loving and compassionate toward yourself and others.

M — Become Motivated to learn and grow toward valued states of being.

The “MO” part cleverly stands for both modus operandi and metacognitive observer, which is when you create a state of mind, step outside of it, and observe.



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