Something weird has been happening lately. My former enemies are becoming my new best friends.

Since October I’ve been immersed in discussions about sexual harassment and bullying. I have heard a lot of women describe their experiences in the work place and the wider world. It’s upsetting, familiar, sad, enraging.

I’ve learned that when it comes to bullying and harassment the film and TV industry stands out as an especially rotten environment. I know this has a lot to do with the fact that there are so few women working in production.

Why is that? Our artsy left-leaning industry seems…

Today marks the 10th anniversary of inkcanada, Karen Walton’s 24–7 virtual salon for “Canadian Screenwriters & their sketchy friends (*all* crafts, disciplines, fans, other artists are welcome!)”. That’s Karen right there — friendly, inclusive, unconventional.

Walty launched inkcanada (facebook edition) April 29, 2007. But truth be told, ink predates Faceboo

If you are lucky enough to talk to Canadian screenwriters about the craft and art of screenwriting, one thing may surprise you: their passion for their country.

The Writers Guild of Canada has produced a video series called “Telling Canadian stories”. The first video features thoughts from Penny Gummerson and is embedded below.

When we began work on the videos, I had the honour of talking about screenwriting with three WGC members: Simon Racioppa, Penny Gummerson and Bruce Smith. They each spoke brilliantly and passionately about the value of story in human lives, their work and what inspired them…

Part 2 of my answer to the Heritage Ministry’s first question in its Canadian Content in a Digital World consultation:“What does a cultural system that supports creators and respects citizen choice look like to you?” This time I focus on supporting creators. These are my personal thoughts. (Part 1 found here.)

Creators Start with a Blank Page

Let’s get our definitions straight. Creators are the artists who make something new; the people who starts with a blank page and invent universes filled with character, story, theme and meaning.

The people who exploit the rights to these works — even the people who finance them — are…

“What does a cultural system that supports creators and respects citizen choice look like to you?” This is the first of three questions posed by the Ministry of Heritage in its Canadian Content in a Digital World consultation. This is the first half of my answer focused on citizen choice. Although I am president of the Writers Guild of Canada, these are my personal thoughts. (Part 2 of my answer here.)

My vision of a cultural system that respects citizen’s choice is a digital library of works created by and for Canadians offering a seamless experience that allows me to…

James was a rotten teenager. But like everything James did, he was spectacular at it. He was the most rotten rotten teenager that anyone could be. He took teenage rottenness to new heights. He crushed it.

And he has climbed so far since then… to become one of the world’s most spectacular human being. You don’t have to believe his mother. There are many who will back me up on this.

There were four constants in James’ life. Four threads that were ever present in the amazing tapestry that was his life:





Before he could walk…

Jill Golick

Screenwriting, transmedia, iyengar yoga. #giveadamn

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