Are We Friends?

I think it is the way that technology and social media has become such a dominant way that we look to connect. We cannot see real emotions through twitter, etc. We cannot do more than soundbites. We see pictures of everybody’s lives that seem to full or happy or connecting and full of people..and very quickly we form assumptions. Others are happier, more popular, more clever, more whatever. It is hard to gain the confidence back in these artificial environments where real connection is lost. Yes, these people can still be “friends,” but nothing subsitutes for the face/face connection where we can see into another person’s eyes. Chemically our brains register with people as understanding if we “get” each other, if you are somewhat like me, you can make me smile, I can make you feel comfortable. All of the things that are hard online. When we are younger, we care less about appearances and what people will think. We think less of going up to a stranger or a friend-lite to be included. We fear rejection in our 20s and then a great thing happens when you hit 30–40..maybe even sooner….You dont care as much. Sure, you still have insecurities. But you know more about who your are…..and you trust that there are like-minded people out there that will support and respect who you are….and the quality of connections is way more valuable in the end, then quantity anyway…. I wish for you sooner than later, moments of greater bravery to reach out and connect more, when you feel like it. And to know that you have a great gift for the “right” people to receive. We dont lose the ability to make friends, some times it just lays asleep a bit. Technology can do that…