My Kickstarter Campaign

How disappointed I was that we had to cancel our mouth-watering dinner at Lode & Stiyn last night and fly presto, presto to the West Coast of Ireland due to an emergency in the family.

With my now constant travel companions (Have plates, will travel- The Rome Collection) I thought what a pretty picture fresh fish would look on my oh so unorthodox porcelain dinner settings. So as I waited for my taxi in Galway Bay City I decided to pay a flying visit to the local fishmonger. … here is a shot of my new friend Liam! He and I thought thru which of his fish would look most alluring on my porcelain.

… I think the Sea Bash, White fish and lobster look rather beautiful… what do you think?

The Clock is ticking… and the deadline to get the porcelain manufactured in time for your Christmas deliveries fast approaching. Make your pledges!

And here is the fish prepared and ready to be consumed! Spaghetti alle Vongole and Lobster prepared by yours truly in the kitchen in Oughterard, County, Galway.

Served on The Artful Table Les Fleurs du Mal Setting Presentation Plate …
Served on the Artful Table Setting Les Batailles Dinner Plate
Serviced on The Artful Table Trianon Setting Presentation Plate