How To Increase Book Sales

An author’s job doesn't have to extend to being a businessman. Not all authors need to take that role. However, if you’re a self-published author taking on the task of getting people to notice and buy your book, then it’s time to get down to business. The moment you decided to self-publish, you signed-up to be a businessman. Promoting and selling your books have equivalent terms in the business world: marketing and sales.

According to Forbes, marketing is media driven, whereas sales is human driven. Marketing establishes prospective buyers while sales gets those prospects to actually buy your book — sealing the deal.

When you've already done what you can to advertise your book, you can then concentrate on making a sale. Here are some ideas you can do to seal that deal!

1. Create an Event

On your website or social media pages, you can put up weekly or monthly competitions to get your audience pumped up. You can create buzz before you actually launch your book. Get people excited with photo contests, writing contests, drawing contests, you name it! It is best if you keep things related to your book. Once you've created a good book trailer, you can let them build on the information that you've given them. For instance, you can have a drawing contest about the characters’ appearances. Set some rules or requirements. Set a deadline. Choose a winner. Announce the winner on your website and don’t forget to post the masterpiece, too. Lastly, the winner has to have a prize.

2. Free Goodies

You can give freebies to contest winners. You can also give them to your subscribers. It’s a way to thank the people who've been with you throughout your promotions. Here are some ideas for freebies:

· The first few chapters of the book or your next book

· The first book of a trilogy/series

· A signed copy of a book

· The eBook version

· Passes to your book launch if it’s a closed event

3. Book launches

A book launch is a good way to culminate all the blood, sweat and tears you've dedicated to the creation of your book. It’s a celebration of sorts. It’s also an opportunity to sell some books. A well-organized book launch will definitely reap good results. If you decide to have a big event, plan well! Choose the venue wisely. Organize your event based on your audience. For instance, if you have press, you can opt to have a formal gathering. If your target audience is kids, you’d rather not. Instead, you can have a more stimulating place, probably a comfortable area with bright colors and play mats.

Don’t forget to offer your guests an incentive. You can tempt them with a discounted book price if they buy it then and there.

4. Lit Fests

Literary festivals or book festivals are a gathering of bookworms from all walks of life. They all share the same goal. They seek to discover new books to love and obsess on. Get in touch with organizers and ask if you could promote your book. During these events, authors are usually given the chance to talk about their books and a little about themselves during a panel discussion. It’s a chance to personally share your book, especially since these events are open to the public. You have a big audience. Of course, you should talk to people who are interested. Answer some questions, and when they’re ready to buy your book, you can personally sign their copies!

5. Coordinate with Indie Bookstores

Indie bookstores and self-published authors share the same plight. Like you, they are constantly in search of a bright new idea to get people hooked! They want to attract new bookworms. They want to get more people to buy their books. More importantly, they share your love for books and they truly want to spread their love for literature. They will definitely give you a chance to pitch your book, so don’t hold back when you tell them about it. Share great ideas for book events! You can have book readings, book signings, or you can even launch your book there.

What’s good about indie bookstores is that they understand the struggles of self-published authors. So, you better locate those indie bookstores in your area and start pitching your ideas!

These are just a few ideas you can carry out to increase your sales. There’s so much more waiting to be discovered and tried. If you've got a few on your mind, share them with us!

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