Joining Slow

Jill Carlson

I’m excited to share that I am joining Slow Ventures as a principal on the investing team.

I’m coming into this role from two years of freelance consulting with companies in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. As a freelancer, I’ve often been met with raised eyebrows. People want to know why; they want to know what I really want to be doing. My answer to that question for the last two years has always been “I want to be doing exactly what I’m doing.”

As an independent consultant, I have spent my days getting to know entrepreneurs and learning about what they are working on. I have gotten to think critically about what the future might look like and where I should allocate energy. And of course, I have had the privilege of working with a handful of incredible founders in navigating issues ranging from go-to-market strategy to corporate structure.

All of this, for me, has amounted to the best job in the world.

This is why I’m excited to continue doing all of these things — learning about projects, thinking about trends, working with entrepreneurs — but now with the force multiplier of being a part of Slow.

I have had the pleasure of getting to know Sam, Will, and Kevin over the last few years as I have turned to them often as collaborators, colleagues, and friends. Their mission to invest for the long term has resonated with me from the outset. The aptly named Slow Ventures is built on the premise that great founders with great ideas need time to build great companies.

Slow is a generalist fund by design, investing in categories from consumer to crypto. And, yes, I will be looking closely at all things crypto in this role. Separately, I’ll also continue to publish research with the Open Money Initiative. But in addition, I am excited to be exploring other spheres of technology and innovation. More on that soon.

In the meantime, if you are working on a company, a project, or even just an idea where my perspective might help, please reach out to me on Twitter @jillruthcarlson or at my shiny new email address:

To The Future,

Jill Carlson

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I work with and invest in early stage companies. The centre cannot HODL.

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