Cocktail Dresses Inspired By Your Favorite Cocktail

Any style maven worth her Louboutins knows to match her dress to her purse, but what about to her cocktail?

Look inspired by Manhattan cocktail, shot on location at The Topaz | © Amanda Suarez/Culture Trip

It’s the season of the cocktail party, which means it’s also the season of the cocktail dress. Traditionally, a cocktail dress is worn to a semi-formal occasion, like a cocktail party. In the late 1920s, due in part to the suffragette movement and Prohibition Reform, “The Drinking Woman” emerged at private cocktail soirées and lounges about town. And so, the cocktail dress was born. It wasn’t until the late 1940s, however, that Christian Dior coined the term “cocktail dress,” as cocktailing became en vogue. Today, because cocktailing remains a chic pastime, it demands a dress so you can dazzle as you drink.

The following are cocktail dresses inspired by your favorite cocktails, so you can drink and dress responsibly. Salut.


Blush Cocktail Dress MÚSED, price upon request, A. Testoni Python Pumps in black, $665. Jewelry fashion editor’s own. Belt stylist’s own

Champagne Cocktail

Lilli Spina Dress, $1014. Roru Gioielli Earrings, $350. De Liguoro Bracelet, $196


II Lilli Spina Purple Dress, $639. Elizabeth Cole Bacall Earrings $263


Liberty Skirt Ash and Light, $325. Lilli Spina Coat, $1,500. Agent Provocateur Bustier stylist’s own

Whiskey Sour with Egg White

Colette Barbieri Strapless High Low Brocade Cocktail Dress, price upon request

Dry Martini

Pixie Dress Ash and Light, $355. Chine Machine Paris Choker, price upon request

Shot on location at The Topaz Bar

Creative Direction | Jill Di Donato, Photography |Amanda Suarez, Stylist |Sheyna Imm, Model |Adina Boom