Seven tokens of simple career advice to make the most out of your twenties

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On the surface, less is at stake in your twenties.

Despite whatever student loan debt you may be touting, you likely have fewer dependents, fewer financial obligations, and fewer commitments overall. If you’re fortunate, you probably have fewer health challenges now than you will later in life. Demands on your time are undoubtedly lower than they will ever be.

Many young professionals, however, get stuck obsessing over early career decisions. What am I supposed to do with my life? How can I get ahead? How will my choices now impact my ability to succeed later?

But there are not necessarily…

Seven ways to approach compensation conversations to get the paycheck you deserve

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We are all working to earn a living. And it is foolish to be working for less than you are worth, especially in an employee-driven job market.

While you should work to maximize your earnings, you should also work to maximize your professional brand. When it comes to your salary, this is done by maintaining realistic expectations and approaching compensation conversations the right way.

A few things to ponder if you feel that you might be underpaid:

First, consider the BIG picture that is your life: What you bring home does not define your worth as a human being.


And what you can do now to set yourself up for greater success

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Another year, another fresh start. Whether you write them down or not, resolutions for the new year are on the brain.

Talking about resolutions is just a more ornamental way of talking about goals, the main difference being that we set resolutions annually. Further, we also tend to set resolutions holistically, based on the big picture.

But we cannot achieve anything “big picture” without first addressing the big picture. What conditions are in place outside of our resolutions that will help us succeed in following through?

Setting resolutions is all about creating the proper foundation. Investing in specific work upfront…

Five fresh takes on tried-and-true tactics to help you shine in your next interview

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Congrats! You did your research, submitted a job application, crossed your fingers, and finally received a callback. Now what?

On the brink of an interview, many professionals will turn to close friends, family, and the internet for timely advice. Seeking advice is especially helpful if you’re new to the game or just a bit rusty. Many well-intentioned advice-givers might offer some tried and true methods, but not all advice is created equal (and not all advice from your parents will help you make a lasting impression).

While textbook tactics have certainly worked in decades past, the new 20's call for…

Six steps to leave on great terms, even from not so great companies

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Changing jobs can be exhilarating, especially when you’re exiting a negative environment for something seemingly more positive. But when you consider that every job, for better or worse, is a critical building block to your greater career, you need to be prepared to play the long game.

Even if leaving on unfavorable terms, remember that your job has been more than just that: it’s been an opportunity. More so, it’s been an opportunity that you entered into willingly.

Like it or not, you chose your current job, and you likely chose it for many reasons. …

It is no debate that a key differentiator in our talent market today goes back to hiring for soft skills above and beyond technical skills.

But assessing aptitude across skills like communication, critical thinking, adaptability and emotional quotient is much easier said than done. How do you measure critical thinking capabilities during the interview process? How, exactly, do you hire for EQ?

Before you figure out the how, you first need to take a step back and define the what and the why. What are the soft skills that are important to you and your organization? What are the trait…

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