Heneral Luna (Critique paper)

It wanted to show the real history of Philippines. We will never be free from slavery if we do not fight for it. It showed that we need more patriots like Luna. The real enemy we are facing is ourselves. It showed that we sell out our own kind for money and this country will never gain true peace if we do not stand up and fight for it. We must break the greed and cowardice the Filipinos have and turn it into patriotism and we must held our head high and be proud of who we are. And we need to be united as one.
Yes it is very engaging, because it was about our true history. It showed us the problem we are facing in the past not just in the past even in our present time. We Filipinos still lack patriotism. That movie made me love my country even more. It opened my eyes to reality. It gave me goose bumps and chills down to my spine. And it made cringe a little because of the betrayal that happened to Luna. He was the only real general we had but because of his arrogance his own countrymen put him down.
It is both personal and social function. Personal because art can mean different things to different people based on their personal life history and experiences, these personal functions vary greatly. Two different people may receive vastly different personal functions from the same piece of artwork. And social because it intended to convey some sort of message
I felt angry, because Luna was betrayed at the end of the movie. It is better to die at the hands of your enemy than the hands of your friend, by (friend) I mean his fellow Filipino. It only showed how cruel and dirty our history was. It made me kind of sad because that kind of problem still exists today. In our present time we still need more patriotic Filipinos. Luna’s ambitions was not so bad, it was for our country and for our own good too.
Joven Hernandez (Arron Villaflor). He skillfully, interspersed throughout the film, to push the story to its logical conclusion, and to give some insights about the story of General Luna. He is the one who narrates the film.