People in the real world

Social networks have been all the rage for over a decade now. In the past years, Facebook has consolidated their leadership in personal networking and Linkedin has become the undisputed leader of business networking.

A side effect of this consolidation is that business models have also consolidated, leaving out a lot of potential applications and use-cases that do not fit the current models.

Both Facebook and Linkedin have business models that focus on monetizing their respective social graphs through advertising. LinkedIn also monetizes search, analytics, and recruiting.

To protect their data and business, they have largely cut off API access…

2084 is a 100 years after the events in George Orwell’s 1984 and far enough in our own future that in all likelihood I will get some stuff wrong trying to predict the future. Also, in all likelihood I will be either dead or be benefiting from future progress in medical research as I should be 110 by then (I have good hopes).

George Orwell presented a very bleak and dystopian vision of what the future would look like that was published in 1949. At the beginning of the cold war and right after WW II this was a message…

Jilles Van Gurp

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