The Operating System Fountain of Youth: iOS
Jean-Louis Gassée

The continuum vision is one device and different things to connect to. So, we’re going to have just 1 underpowered battery starved device that supposedly does everything? I don’t think so. Given the price, why not have 30 devices? This requires a different way to look at software.

My view is that devices will be like shoes. You pick one to fit your mood, style, or whatever is nearby and use it. By “use it” I mean that it recognizes you and adapts to you, using your preferences, data, etc. that are accessible through the network. Rather than connecting devices, you’ll using services through devices.

In the most extreme version of this, you’d walk into a room anywhere in the world and be able to access and do everything using whatever devices are in that room.

A nice early example is Spotify. When I work from home, I wear my wireless headphones that connect to my imac but I work on my mac book while carrying an Android phone. I can control the music from any of these devices. I can select something else to play, all my music is there, I can control the volume, etc. On all three devices. It’s seamless to the point that I don’t bother reconnecting my wireless headphones to something else. This is how it should be. The service spans three devices and I pick the one that is nearest. This works with windows, ios, android, and possibly more. Anything that runs Spotify basically.

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