Seriously, I know that you are waiting for the right time, the right amount of money or the right amount of energy to go after something you truly want.

You have convinced yourself that it will work better later.

You have decided you will have more time and energy later.

And while sometimes, later is a better strategic decision, most times waiting is NOT serving you at all.

The lack of time, resources and energy are all stories that we’ve made up because going after what we truly want is scary because we might fail.

And who would we be without the dream or the possibility?

Failure is NOT a reason to wait because the regret will be worse than the failure every single time.

And you may not understand and feel the regret until it’s too late.

What is waiting really doing for you?


It’s just stopping you from the possibility of living the life you truly want.

It’s time to just go after it. Take the next step.

What do you really have to lose?

Strategize your Life, do YOU!


Personal Strategist