Top 8 Reasons to try Aerial Fitness


Have you ever dreamed of being able to do a pull up? Once upon a time, I did too. With consistent aerial classes and a couple months of effort, you will be able to compete with the guys in the pull up department. In aerial your core muscles are worked a tremendous amount from lifting your legs over your head and also during climbing techniques. I have practiced Pilates, ballet and yoga for years all which are amazing, but nothing has proven to give me more strength in my upper body and core than aerial work.


Being in the NOW is what yogis strive to accomplish. Most of the time our minds wander into distant thoughts on our yoga mat. Our yoga or meditation teacher speaks of being in the NOW and paying attention to our breathing. I know in my yoga classes I find myself being present for an entire 10 seconds… and then my mind goes back to its whimsical ways again! In aerial work you have no choice but to be in the present moment or your life could be at risk… seriously! Being 10–20 feet in the air, holding yourself up by one hand and attempting to wrap your limbs around the fabric, is not the best time to think whether or not you sent that last email. Aerial is a great way to practice laser like focus and remain present.


In aerial work you have another appendage to deal with… the fabric! In the beginning figuring out how to wrap your wrists, feet and waist around the fabric can be daunting. Your first time upside down you’ll notice it’s a lot more challenging to perform movements than right side up. When moving into an inversion our brain has to work harder to achieve the task at hand. Everything seems backwards. It’s easy to lose track of your right and left. In time, your mind and body adapt and you’ll notice how much more body awareness you’ll have, even when you’re right side up!


Aerial goes hand in hand with not only strength but flexibility. Ideally, aerialists obtain a balance of the two. By placing your feet in “foot locks” and lowering yourself into a split you will achieve a much deeper split than doing it floor bound. Your muscles cannot be passive in mid-air. Instead your legs are engaged, performing an “active” stretch. During an aerial class you actively stretch muscles numerous times. Before you know it…. performing splits will be second nature.


Aerial work is an art form and an exercise program. You’ll leave feeling like you’ve had a taste of ballet, gymnastics and yoga all in one. You definitely won’t feel like it was your typical gym workout. However, you will notice a few days later muscles in your arms, core and upper back will be sore like never before.


Although we need gravity to keep us grounded, it’s often associated with early signs of aging and compression in our bodies. It is proven that inversions (being upside down) help with circulation, decompressing your spine, digestion and enhancing your mood.


I love watching the transformation in people during aerial. They come in a bit timid and not quite sure what to expect. Within an hour, I see faces light up, hear loads of laughter, fears conquered, self-esteemed boosted and a new addiction to being upside down. All while having FUN!


Have you ever taking yoga, spin or Pilates classes and find yourself not being consistent? After teaching thousands of clients over the years, those who take aerial classes are eager for more. You learn skills and tricks that take weeks, months sometimes even years to conquer, the last thing you want is to lose what you’ve gained! For most, coming 2–3 times per week will suffice to keep up strength and endurance.

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Jill Franklin, the creator of Aerial Physique is a celebrity trainer and author of Beginners Guide to Aerial Silk & Intermediate Guide to Aerial Silk available on She has a highly sought after You Tube channel, a video tutorial membership site along with a clothing line specifically for aerial work! Jill has a background in ballet, Pilates & yoga all which encompass her Aerial Physique technique. Her 5 star rated studio based in Los Angeles has attracted thousands of aspiring aerialists since 2012. Jill has over eight years of aerial experience and has been the featured aerialist for events and productions throughout the world. Jill often performs for celebrity filled galas in Los Angeles and has gracefully mesmerized audiences in productions seen on Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas as well as theatres such as The Arlington Theatre-Santa Barbara, Waikiki Shell-Honolulu, Balboa Theatre-San Diego. Aerial Physique has been televised on the NBC’s — The TODAY Show, Good Day LA, CBS — Inside Edition, Yahoo Celebrity, ABC 7 Los Angeles and many other media outlets. Jill absolutely loves helping others achieve their dream to climb and fly with ease! To learn more visit &


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