So, I know what some of you (the men) are thinking. “But obviously, women are not as good as us”. Of course you are thinking this. I don’t even need to ask.

Sure, there are definitely a larger quantity of men who are further along in their creative development in their careers, that is completely clear.

The question is how can we make sure women the medium sized jobs, the ones which will help lead to the really big jobs?

Right now there are some amazing women doing editorial, and fashion, who are super creative, just amazing. I did not include editorial or fashion in Alreadymade. since it a different industry than advertising or entertainment but fashion is definitely a place photo directors look for talent, and therefore, a few photographers who shoot fashion are included in the “More” list. …

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Jill Greenberg at TEDx at Wabash College ,Crawfordsville, Indiana, March 17th 2018

How do I look?

How do you look?

How does the difference between how men and women experience the world get reflected in the pictures they take?

What about the pictures that are used to advertise?

As the well-known critic John Berger said, “men act and women appear. Men look at women. Women watch themselves being looked at”. *

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See, this image shows my reflection in a woman’s eye. It is a close up and you can see me reflected, a female photographer.

But for around 90% of the images which blanket our media landscape, from billboards to magazine covers,

if you could see the reflection of the photographer in the subjects’ eyes- you would see the silhouette of a man.

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