On being sexist
Lian Li

This was so interesting to read — until the middle of the text I did not realize I know the author. I thaught “Yea well the USA…” until it poped into my field of view… Germany.

I tend to ignore sexism against me a lot. Somehow I guess, I switched of that filter in my head. My mother is a lot like you describe yourself, she tells me once a month, in her next life she wants to become a man to get rid of the many limiting aspects, beeing a woman. I never understood that especially since she built up her own company and earns more than most of the men I met in my life. But having that view about yourself will stay, no matter what you achive if its not you stopping it.

Just lately I figured out that I am not only sexist but also a deeeep chauvinist. I was shocked about myself since I always saw me as really objectively judgemental “he is good in it as a human beeing, she is great in that as a living creature”.

Now I see how easy you step into that hole of nasty “oh he is a douche in comunicating about that since he is a MAAAAAN (#fallout4soundtrack)”. Reflecting that is pretty crazy. I guess I see sexism in my direction as a joke because it comes from men that I see as more intelligent in the mean time (they can code, i cannot, i draw pixles and sh — t) but baseline, they are stupid as hell when it comes to beeing a human beeing and need me as their momy to hold their hands and tell them how to talk straight. (Yea i know i wrote that as dramatic as i could)

See — beeing an ignorant chauvinist myself maybe the best try is to see that we are all just atoms flying around in this universe. We are all nothing and all everything so let us be weak and strong together and give a cookie about the rest. Lets raise our kids to this as proud humans with proud human partners.

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