20 Things Men Can Do RTFN to Support Women
Helen Rosner

Ooo. Girl. Great piece. Thanks for sharing. Except, was really jarred by Number 16. A little surprised that someone clearly as well versed in issues of this nature as you are would go so sex negative on that front. But since we’re all sharing and learning here — and you were transparent about knowing this list was flawed — heads up that #16 should be: Watch better porn. Watch porn made by women / nonbinary / queer etc. etc. Support (financially and otherwise) porn made by women / nonbinary / queer etc. etc. etc. If this isn’t an area you’re familiar with, here are a few to get going with: afourchamberedheart.com / xconfessions.com / https://makelovenotporn.tv/ / http://pinkwhite.biz/

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