The Power of Distraction

Staying focused through the chaos

Distraction has been my best friend for many years. I depend on distraction daily knowing and wanting it to slow me down. I am fully aware that I use it as a clutch and a excuse when I am questioned about my life or career. “Oh well, you know I have just been so distracted lately”. That’s my favorite.

I’ve always been a dreamer, I have always wanted more for myself and it’s nothing wrong with that however with every decision I’ve made since I was 19 years old came a new barrier. I found myself fixing bad choices, never getting to the end goal and questioning what the end goal was constantly.

I never really knew what I wanted to be when I grew up, and honestly I still don’t. Distraction slows me down and sometimes I can appreciate that, while binge watching shows, or fantasizing at my work desk about becoming a writer, yet sometimes I fear I won’t ever break out of this phase.

I fear one day I will realize I wasted so many of my good years and wish I could tell my young self to just stay focused, stay on one path, turn the TV off, write more, explore more, drink more water, and cherish more. But you know, I’ve just been so distracted lately.