The key purpose of Lifeed is to create a catalogue of everything you see and experience in order to use it as a way to document your life story for yourself, your descendants, and for those seeking to learn about the past in the far future.

This is the homepage for Lifeed. Your collection of videos is the first thing you see when you log in and it is initially organized by time and date. Users can also search through their videos based on location and who they are with. Users can create additional tags to organize their collection.
A simple viewing interface that can be easily viewed and sent across multiple screens if you wish to share a moment with your friends.
This is the Feed, where you can watch past moments posted by your friends or be notified when a friend is livefeeding. There are no comments, likes, or reposts. Videos you appear in will be automatically saved to your collection and you also have the ability to save friend’s videos to your collection for later viewing.

There is still a social aspect of Lifeed but its very minimal. Users can only post videos that they have captured themselves and there is no other content permitted in the public feed.

The “APPEARANCES” section is where all of the videos you appear in are found. This includes videos from your friends or friends of friends as well as videos fed from strangers that you have been recognized in via your serial code that each device can pick up on. The only way to view the video from someone you don’t know, such as a stranger on the street that you passed by or someone who sat next to you on a plan, is if they have been posted into the original persons public feed or when their 5 Year Feed has been published.

Every 5 years users are required to publish the feeds from 5 years prior. For example, in 2045, all users will be able to explore every video and tag created from the years 2035–2040. These videos can be found under the EXPLORE tab and can be saved to a collection.

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