We as as society have yet to adopt this kind of mass recording culture. Mann is certainly an outlier. But what if his habits became not only the norm, but a necessity?

I’d like to imagine a future where everyone is wearing a product like Mann’s or is implanted with some kind of recording device that is constantly recording their life. A private company would rise up and begin selling these devices or implants that allows us to collect the visual data of every moment in our lives.

In the future, there is a different concept of privacy and visual data collected throughout the day would be used in order to create a catalogue for sharing with our friends or family or later study by ourselves, our descendants, or the users in the far far future attempting to learn about the past.

This product would receive a complete opposite response from that of the emergence of Google Glass where people felt threatened by the idea of being recorded without their knowledge. A product like this would eliminate the need for surveillance cameras in business establishments and instead using “eyes in the sky” the customers or visitors would be required to be embedded with the device in order to enter the store. The customers would be the ones to record what happens in the store. We would be able to see first hand if someone was pocketing some kind of product, or being disrespectful to a customer, or if a robbery was happening.