Resist Ignorance

I’m trying to not go wild on the internet today / shall not bait the trolls, but I do want to address what seem to be the most common concerns among certain *ahem* people - "We don’t want our taxes to pay for cosmetic surgery."

A) Trans treatment plans are decided upon by the patient and their doctors (including psychological professionals, because counselling is a part of the process). The plan is based on what they determine to be necessary as part of their transition. Therefore it is not elective. Therefore it is not the equivalent of "getting a boob job," you ignorant assholes.

B) Being in the military does not give a service member carte blanche to whatever free medical procedure they desire. For example, Thomas and I have had to make decisions about what kind of infertility treatment plan we can follow because, after basic diagnostics and some hormone treatments, we have to pay out of pocket for anything that addresses infertility. We have access to care facilities and licensed professionals, but we are not guaranteed service unless we pay for it. Similarly, a person who is transitioning will have to make decisions on how far they will go with treatment based on what is covered and what will be paid for by the individual.

C) Trans people work and pay taxes just like everyone else. They have paid for your babies to be born (upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars per child born in hospital, which for the lucky ones is covered by private insurance and for others is covered under *gasp* GOVERNMENT MEDICAL PROGRAMS). Spare me the bullshit of not wanting to dedicate a few million annually to the health and well-being of fellow humans.

I have more to say, but this will do for now.