Planning For a Home Tile Makeover? Things to Know

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A comfortable home brings grace and warmth. It is how you decide to invest in your home that will attract such freedom and comfort. Going for home tiling can be tricky especially if you have no experience or knowledge in the matter. You can have the right professional to install but buy poor quality tiles. A tight grasp of the types of tiles you can buy for different purposes will help you to get started. For example, stone tiles will be suitable for flooring but not for countertops. They are porous which makes them unreliable when it comes to covering the kitchen countertops.

Bathroom tiles offer a calm indoor environment for your home. Not all tiles can be used as coverings for your bathroom. You need non-porous and shiny tiles which will not require resealing in future. It will make cleaning and maintenance easy. The bathroom floor has to be covered with dense tiles probably ceramic to make it difficult for the tiles to break. Remember that in the bathroom, many people will be walking in and out and hence the need tog install tiles that can withstand such pressure. Some other things to consider include:

The type of surface you want to install the tiles

Tiles can be fitted on any surface, be it the walls, floors or countertops. You can decide on the tiles to fit for every surface as not all tiles can be used for all the surfaces. For example, countertops will require ceramic tiles as they are non-porous and thus do not absorb water. Walls will require thin tiles as compared to the floors which require thick ones.

The design or theme you have in mind

Designs or ideas make everything right on your part. You might want patterns or a message to be portrayed by the tiles you install. Such patterns can be created by buying different tiles with different colors. Small bathroom tiles can put emphasize on your bathroom floor and wall. They can be placed in such a way as to create patterns and thus make your house like an antique. Small tiles create an illusion that a room is big and thus suitable for your living room.

The room you want for the tiles

Different rooms will attract different types of tiles. You can choose based on material or purpose. For example, the living room will require floor tiles which are dense or thick in nature. It will thus help to counter the pressure or weight exerted by people who frequent the living room. However, for your bedroom, you can have less dense tiles which are less expensive.

The cost aspect

It is relevant when it comes to buying anything. You need to budget on what you intend to buy. The same case applies to when you are buying bathroom tiles for your home. How much are you willing to spend? Choose tiles that are within your budget. If it is for flooring purpose, then you can go for stone tiles as they are budget-friendly. However, they come with additional costs during resealing. Since they absorb water, you have to reseal them with a non-porous material.