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Just as seeds sown in spring lead to fall’s abundant harvest, October’s self-promotion activities are our opportunity to plant those strategic seeds for future growth.

Our ‘Midweek Momentum’ authentic marketing series ensures you’re making the most of this planting season. We initiated our self-promotion series with Why & When to Transition Your Marketing for Cold Traffic, nurtured growth in Finding Your True Brand Message and Personality.

In this issue we’re covering “Clarifying Your Niche Within a Niche” to help you sow the seeds required for clients to flow towards you, effortlessly and authentically.

Fun Fact: There’s a niche for everyone, even for those crafting silly hats for cats.

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Niche example in Midweek Momentum: making hats for cats

In this edition, we cover:

• Why we need to niche down to scale up
• How to refine your niche for better targeting
• Case Study: The Power of Inner Child in Niche Discovery
• A momentum-mantra to attract your audience

“If I niche down, I’ll alienate or lose potential clients.”

How many times have you echoed this fear? It’s a common refrain, especially when the vastness of the market makes you believe that a broader reach equals more success. But let’s reframe that.

Imagine you’re in a colossal marketplace. There are stalls selling everything, from furniture to food. Amidst this chaos, you’re searching for a specific type of organic tea. You could spend hours wandering, or you could head straight to the stall with a sign that says “Specialized Organic Teas.”

Your choice is clear.

The lure of a specialist is the magic of a niche within a niche.

New business owners mistakenly believe they need to cater to everyone. But in trying to speak to everyone, they often resonate with no one.

Contrast this with a business owner willing to claim a unique position in the market. They may have a small audience, but that audience is passionate, engaged, and loyal!

For example, consider a fitness instructor who’s also passionate about historical European martial arts. They could offer a class titled “Knight Fit,” where participants not only get a rigorous workout but also learn medieval swordplay techniques. (How fun is that!?) 🤺

Remember the fun fact about the person making silly hats for cats? It might seem absurdly niche, but for cat owners looking for quirky accessories, it’s the perfect fit. Their focus creates an enthusiastic and dedicated clientele.

When you choose a niche within a niche, you set yourself up to scale up, because potential clients who prefer specialists (which is most wise people) will see, value & hire you.

Refine Your Niche for Better Targeting

So where do you begin your search for a niche within a niche?

The secret? Marrying multiple passions into a singular, compelling niche. When your offerings spring from your genuine experiences, potential clients view you as an authentic and credible expert.

Your background must resonate with your audience’s experiences. They should see their aspirations, challenges, and stories mirrored in yours, thinking, “I see myself in that journey!”

For example, in my book, It’s Go Time, I delved into my corporate consultant days, detailing the burnout from navigating office politics and yearning to build a business that truly mattered to me. My passions? Science-driven processes for optimizing operations and interpersonal skills that foster collaboration and mutual respect.

My logical yet empathetic approach has struck a chord with thoughtful professionals longing for meaningful entrepreneurial ventures. They’re drawn to my business development courses because they see a reflection of their own values and desires in my story.

My niche within a niche?

Thoughtful entrepreneurs who appreciate a blend of evidence-based and heart-centric approaches to creating a financially and emotionally rewarding way of life

Activity: Crafting Your Unique Niche

  • List Down Passions: Start by jotting down three passions or strengths from your past:
  • Identify the Overlap: Where could your passions intersect? Can you combine two or more to create a unique or fresh approach?
  • Validate: Reflect on your background and experiences. Who else might resonate with your personal journey?
  • Test It: Imagine working with people who would resonate with your niche within a niche. Does helping people in that way feel inspiring and meaningful? Do you have a credible story of learning?

The goal is to find a niche that feels intrinsically ‘you’, making your work more rewarding and resonating deeply with your ideal clients. Your credibility can come from a childhood passion or hobby! It does not all need to come from work experience!

Case Study: The Power of Inner Child in Niche Discovery

There’s a truth in saying that the most compelling stories emerge from personal experiences, and Monique’s story beautifully exemplifies this.

As a Miami native, Monique’s youthful spirit thrived on adventure. Life’s twists took her to the picturesque Lake Como in Italy, where she embraced the role of a school director. But her journey hit a sudden halt with a cancer diagnosis.

Monique’s fight was formidable. During her battle, she made a silent promise: if she emerged victoriously, she’d assist others on a similar journey.

Monique had a clear mission: to help others revel in the richness of life post-recovery. Yet, defining this unique essence, her “core truth”, was a challenge. How would she shape her niche? Would it focus on providing space for post-cancer individuals to rediscover themselves? Or perhaps channeling the culinary richness she relished in Italy?

She took Seth Godin’s acclaimed marketing course for answers. While she gained invaluable insights, the connection to her authentic self remained elusive, so she couldn’t harness the course’s full potential.

Then Monique took our training program True2Brand: an authentic brand and marketing development system. Activities, like the Timeline exercise (in our previous issue) transported her back in time, reintroducing her to the audacious, fun-loving child she once was.

After reawakening parts of her authentic self, Monique saw her niche clearly: she now specializes in reawakening a sense of flavor and adventure for post-cancer clients who want to embrace a joyful life.

This Week’s Momentum Mantra

If you’ve tuned into Jill’s Thinking Vitamins Podcast or read her book “It’s Go Time,” you’ll recognize the term “Thinking Vitamins”: a positive idea, continuously revisited, that reprograms limiting beliefs with empowering ones.

Our Ignite and True2Brand Coach and Energy Strategist, Margarita Angelatos’s created this week’s Thinking Vitamin to help you attract your ideal niche:

“I am irresistible, captivating and authentic: my ideal clients and community naturally flow to me””

To speed up the adoption of this idea, save this image (or take a screenshot) and set it as your homescreen!

Wrap Up!

We hope you enjoyed this edition and are eager to delve deeper into your niche within a niche.

Remember, while there’s a tendency to think planting more seeds leads to a bigger harvest, plants need room if they are to thrive, and so do your ideal clients. Niching down is the pathway to healthy growth!

We’ve got two more issues as part of our self-promotion series this October.

Next week, we’ll explore “Maintaining a Sustained Presence in the Right Places” because it’s not just about knowing your niche, but also understanding where they are and how they make purchasing decisions.

Until next Wednesday…

Here’s to every small win toward a big dream,

Jill McAbe & The BOOM U Media Team

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Jill McAbe: Founder, Educator & Author for Purpose’Preneurs

Margarita Angelatos: True2Brand Energy Coach & Strategist

Trina Brooks: Client Success Director & History Mystery Writer

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