Hannah and I at the Wireless Music Festival

On Friday, I got to see one of my favorite rappers, Chance the Rapper, but getting to that point was quite a trip.

First, Hannah and I had to make the trip to London where we made our first mistake with public transit. There are two buses that go from Oxford to London: the x90 and the Oxford Tube. Hannah and I loyally followed our Apple Maps directions, which led us to hop onto the x90, go to the Oxford Bus Station, hop off of the x90, and get onto the Oxford Tube for absolutely no reason. So, we paid twice as much by complete accident. Live and learn!

Then, once we made it to London, I realized I forgot the tickets for the music festival. Poor, sweet Hannah acted like it wasn’t a big deal even though I’m sure she was mad at me on the inside. I called the ticket distributor, and they made our tickets available at the box office, thank god. We then made our way to check in to our hostel, and then make our way to the festival.

Getting to the festival was absolutely no problem — the tube really is a beautiful thing. I wore my platform shoes, which are my one true love, but I really can’t walk in them. A few days before, I wore them walking the streets of Oxford, and fell down twice. Obviously I didn’t learn my lesson. I was able to make it through one artist at the festival without practically breaking my ankle, but it was only downhill with the shoes from there. The crowd at Wireless was absolutely insane, and they kept rushing forward or backward, almost knocking me over. This was not good news for the platform shoes. By the end of the festival, my shoes were absolutely ruined. Goodbye to my favorite shoes. :(

All of the craziness was worth it for Chance the Rapper. He is a truly incredible performer who must be protected at all costs. I love that guy a lot.

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