Like… really love it.

On our third day in London, Jennifer and I decided to make our way to Notting Hill, a rather posh and colorful neighborhood in London. It did not disappoint.

How is Notting Hill so wonderfully picturesque?

The morning started off with a tube ride to the Portobello Road Market, which was supposed to be one of the best markets in London. However, we must’ve gone on a bad day because there was not much there. Although a little sad, Notting Hill did not disappoint. The colorful houses everywhere were just lovely and we found ourselves The Churchill Arms, a local pub with flowers bursting from every possible surface on the exterior. So, of course, Jennifer and I took loads of pics. We wanted to eat inside, but it was only 11 when we got there, and the place didn’t serve lunch until noon, so we didn’t get to eat there. We made our way to Dishoom, a very well-reviewed Indian restaurant a short tube ride away. Later that day, we met back up with everyone for dinner and photo ops at Big Ben.

Jennifer and I at Big Ben!

After our little photo shoot, we all decided we really wanted ice cream. I looked up an ice cream shop in Covent Garden that was about a 30-minute walk away. However, this 30-minute walk quickly turned into an hour long walk because I can’t seem to pay attention to directions very well. Luckily, us getting lost turned into a bit of a blessing because we found ourselves in really cool areas of London. Lots of shopping centers, restaurants, and museums all around. Then, we finally found Scoop, the ice cream place I’d looked up, and treated ourselves. It was SO GOOD. It was a very good day in London, indeed.

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