Last Days in Oxford

…and the search for “the mushroom store”

My last few days in Oxford were spent exploring as many places as possible… and revisiting some favorites. I will admit, these memories are a bit of a blur. It feels like the last few days passed by so quickly and without warning. Before I knew it, the trip was over and I was on my way to London.

On Friday, Dr. Johnson invited our entire class out for a brew at the Turf Tavern. I really loved everyone in my class, and so getting to hang out with them one last time was great. I avoided ordering my favorite drink, Pimm’s, and opted for a cider that tasted like apple juice. Good times. Afterward I found myself wandering around Oxford looking for what Emma called “the mushroom store.” She didn’t know the name of it, only that the windows had mushrooms on them. Before we had even left for the mushroom store, the group going out for the day had grown to about fifteen people. Typically, I’m a “the more, the merrier” kind of person, but in Oxford, every store you step into is teeny tiny. Either way, this gigantic group was walking around Oxford trying to find this mushroom store. Eventually, a few of us split off and decided to go to this place called The Bicycle Cafe. It’s called The Bicycle Cafe because it’s situated right on top of, you guessed it, a bicycle store. I ordered tea, which I’ve come to really like. Thanks, England!

My tea and the layout of The Bicycle Cafe.

The next day was my last day in Oxford. It wasn’t a full day, but it was a good day.

It consisted of a walk along the Christ Church meadows, where we saw some cows, and yet another example of Jeff going wild. Pictured here, he is pretending to be a tree by hiding behind a leaf he found on the ground. Jeff really has a problem with acting weird around stuff he finds on the ground. We also took one last trip to MooMoo’s, the best milkshake spot around. Unfortunately, they only take cash, and there was not an ATM around that would work with my bank card. So sadly, no MooMoo’s for me. Then, we ate at Pieminister, which has a rather clever name, and most of the appeal for going there in the first place was in the name. Pretty good pies, though. After that, we were off to London, and I had to say goodbye to Oxford.

Oxford really is a place I will always hold very closely to my heart. I find myself much more attracted to towns than I am to cities, and that’s what Oxford is to me. I really got to have the experience of living there for just a little while, and I’m so glad I had the opportunity.

The Bridge of Sighs
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