Museums, Harry Potter Dreamscapes, and Way Too Many Photos of Me Acting Like an Idiot

I really should try to act like a normal person.

On Thursday, I visited the Pitt Rivers Museum and the Oxford Museum of Natural History. First enjoy some serious pics of the incredible museum. The ceiling is made of glass, so it’s a bit of a greenhouse, but beautiful nonetheless.

In the two photos on the left, the Museum of Natural History. In the photo on the right, The Pitt Rivers, which is three stories of thousands of human created artifacts.

And now, enjoy some photos of me acting like a moron.

I guess I get a kick out of posing like taxidermied (is that a word?) animals.
Darwin and I are the same.

Despite what it may look like, I was able to take the museum seriously. There are over 300,000 items in the Pitt Rivers, which began as Augustus Pitt-Rivers’s donation to the University of Oxford. It was his own personal collection and is a mere 7% of what the collection is today. It includes shrunken heads, haunted totems, all kinds of guns and weapons, and even dainty jewelry and clothing. My group was able to make friends with one of the museum staff members, Kieran, who was able to answer almost any question we had for him. He showed us his favorite items in the museum, two intricately carved spoons. After we left the Pitt Rivers, some of us made the trip to Christ Church College, whose Great Hall helped to inspire the Great Hall in the Harry Potter movies. Not to mention, Christ Church is a gigantic college — it takes up a whole block. Unfortunately, I don’t have any wild punting stories from this day, just lots of pictures.

Christ Church College
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