My tutor has a hole in his t-shirt

…and doesn’t wear shoes to meet his students, apparently.

On Tuesday, I met with my tutor (the word for professor here) at his house about a thirty minute walk away from Brasenose College, where I’ve been staying. I had met my tutor the night before, who has experience teaching at both Cambridge and Oxford, so I guess you could say he’s a pretty smart guy. However, it was impossible to not notice the hole in his shirt that night, placed rather noticeably on his right arm. I was a little disappointed he wasn’t wearing round spectacles and a tweed coat, but it was still exciting to meet a person of such high academic valor.

The next day, my professor from OU walked our class over to the neighborhood where my tutor lives. It was a more residential area of Oxford, not quite so busy and “touristy” as High Street where Brasenose is located. He left us at a cute coffee shop/cafe called Sylvie’s, which had the most incredible cat I have ever seen. The cat’s name was Rosie, and she was quite honestly the perfect version of a cat — jaded, fluffy, and adorable. Unfortunately, I did not get any pictures of the cat, so you’ll have to take my word for it. Sylvie’s itself was quite nice though, I had a mushroom and tomato sandwich with a Vietnamese coffee, which were both delicious.

A peek at the quintessentially British (and cute) Sylvie’s.

When it came time for my tutorial with Sam, we were both rather nervous considering an Oxford professor was about to critique essays we had written over Lady Chatterley’s Lover (which, I must say, is a truly awful book). When we walked into his house, he offered us both tea, so some of the pressure slid away. Then, I realized he was wearing the exact same shirt as the day before. Yes, the shirt with the hole in it. On top of that, he was not wearing shoes. I know it was his own residence, but man I was not expecting to see his feet. We started with some small talk about it being the 4th of July in the States, at which point my tutor realized it was his mother’s birthday. He told Sam and I to remind him to call her — we didn’t remind him, so I really hope he called her. Besides my surprise at how relaxed everything was, the tutorial went pretty well! However, I will not be writing my next essay with only hours to spare in the dead of night again.

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