Roamin’ the Roman Baths

Bath is truly a beautiful place.

I’m finally caught up on all my journals for this week! I’m actually getting to write about something on the day that it happened, and I hope it becomes a habit.

Anyway, today I went to Bath.

The journey there consisted of a bus ride to a train station, a train ride to yet another bus station, and a short walk. It took about an hour and a half to get there from Oxford. My first impression looking out the window was pure awe. Considering I’m from Oklahoma, hills are a fairly new thing for me. Not only are there hills in Bath, but they’re everywhere. Everywhere I looked out my window on the bus I saw rolling landscapes sectioned off into pieces of farmland with ancient structures nestled into the crooks and corners. And that was before I even got to Bath.

When the bus pulled into the City of Bath, I was amazed. The city is built into the hills, so everywhere you look, you see something incredible.

A friend was also able to take some good pictures of me while we were in Bath. Glad I wore my favorite dress!

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