Why Does Dating Men Make Me Feel Like Shit?
Emma Lindsay

Please don’t take my comments as backhanded!

Men, sometimes in an attempt to actually not seem “creepy”, utilize slang or signals, to let potential partners know how they feel — or what they are attracted to. Case in point, my transitioning friend — (ladyboy “Tina”) said that three men on OKcupid said they liked her “big hands.” After ruling out that she’d *hadn’t* been trolled, we realized perhaps the interested men were saying “big hands/big member” (but not actually that), that it was slang for “If you are a lady with boy parts, its ok with me. HMU.”

Maybe the whole “toe tapping” thing in men’s restrooms “never happened” (or maybe it did in the gg alin era), but dudes certainly know how to communicate some things on the D/L. In my experience, the same goes for men to women, It’s just a little harder to recognize, I think.

If a man said to me “I’m normally attracted to petite women,” then I’d interpret that as “That’s his immature way of telling me that he’s not very much into me.” Although some of my friends might say that it was in fact “a very classy way to let a girl down easy, by saying he prefers someone else. “ And if I heard it in bed (or after sex), it would seem rude, but in his mind I think it would seem like he would be TRYING to tell me in a nice way “Don’t expect anything but a one night stand, and don’t expect a phone call.”

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