Morning Round UP 08162016

… what you wished the news would be

@rickhasen posts about North Carolina Files Emergency #SCOTUS Stay Request in Voting Case

The three provisions the state wants restored are:
”(1) the court’s refusal to allow North Carolina to continue to enforce a voter-ID law that went into effect for and was applied at the polls during the 2016 primary election; 
(2) its mandate that every county provide 17 days of ‘early voting’ instead of the 10 that they have been providing for the past three years; and 
(3) its mandate that the State resume so-called ‘preregistration’ of 16-year-olds.”

NOTE: This means that same day voter registration and out-of-precinct voting are BACK for this election because this is not the subject of a stay. ** This alone is a big win for plaintiffs.

HIS OPINION: So here’s my prediction: stay denied by the Supreme Court, either without comment, or with a dissent from Justices Alito and Thomas. #theywaited17days

HASHTAG you should be folllowing on twitter: The world’s largest public celebration of the written word, right in the heart of#Edinburgh. 13–29 August 2016. #edbookfest

Picking up new Authors: 
The Comet Seekers: A Novel by Helen Sedgwick
The Bricks that Built the Houses by Kate Tempest

Crest has happened on the Amite River, but the water will receed slowly

Put a Human face on the water in Louisiana


A college friend of mine escaped damage during the flood proper just north of this gauge but now the snakes are out.

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