Cannon Hall

Cannon Hall , was once a residential Georgian stately manor belonging to the wealthy Spencer-Stanhope family. Now it is owned by the local council and it’s a museum that is currently
exhibiting works from the Cooper Art Gallery. Paintings, sketchings and pastel pieces are on display from various masters such as JMW Turner and Edward Wadsworth and many more.
The house and its beautiful grounds plays host to various themed events.Coming soon are Halloween and murder mystery nights. Bookings I’m told are online…. and the folk and carol singing event you’ve still got time!
It was back in 1996 that I wrote this ode to Cannon Hall…

A warm lazy beautiful Sunday

Children and their friends full of play

Fluffy tiny geese determined to fly

Larger birds mission accomplished already in the sky

Children with parcels of bread

Tots and dogs carefully led

Trees, shrubs, flowers and a field of green

The sunshine and glistening river set the scene.

Autumn colours of warmth and childrens laughter

My poetry sucks and I’ll never get a bafta.

The museums no longer full of a musty smell

Its having a make over and I must say it looks well.

For more information on events the guys on the front desk have given me a leaflet ……see and Twitter @BarnsleyMuseums

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