The Condom

I wanted to share with you ….For Aids awareness day and for a family planning training course. I had to do a presentation on one part of family planning ! Well I choose that part ! Didn’t I…You know guys it’s embarrassing and no better idea than to cut the ice so to speak …with fun and mischief… for my nursing and midwife colleague ‘s.. A class presentation ..A rap that went a little like this:

👍💛 My ode to the condom :

You might well ask ? This is going to be an embarrassing task ?

What is the condom ? What does it do ?

Which part do we fit on to you ?

It’s a barrier form of contraception !

A quick method to use without hesitation..

It’s made of rubber and easy to apply …

So come on guys be motivated and not shy !

Can we use spermicidal jel or cream ?

Place it in the centre and work down to the seam.

CONDOMS come in all different colours and styles ..

They have a BRITISH STANDARD kite mark that “appears” to stretch for miles.

Some have fragrance and others taste .

So remember to use a condom before making haste.

Some are illuminous in the dark.

Remember if it’s your first time read the instructions before you start.

Another reason why Im sharing my condom rap.. with you today is that the Subject matter of CONDOMs came about as I was bemused at reading this article yesterday:

Day 25 “Condom Rocket”

Part of a month of creativity a “cheeky book”. You must read it. What they have done is very clever . Discussing current topics of conversation everyday through out September and publishing them and adding links for readers to join them and give feed back. What a better way of networking, exchanging idea’s and email addresses and doing market Research all at the same time .

I agree with Cody Herche who gave them feed back on this topic…

“ Condom Rocket.. being the travelling salesman of condoms.”

I think it’s a good idea in theory to have condoms sold alongside food.

Mind you Jonathan Wolter’s idea sound cool.

But there’s not much money to be made if you have 1 packet of condoms delivered with your takeaway. Its not cost effective. Would you want a condom with your cake or ice cream?

And on the NHS in the UK condoms are given away “free” by the service provider who foot’s the bill. In the context of consultations from family planning and GP surgeries.

Its been good thought provoking fun….food for thought

Thanks Jill❤
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