Gathering the Social Story

I’m using Tint to aggregate our social media

Social Media is everywhere… no big news or surprise there. In fact, that’s old news. And over the years I’ve tried all kinds of ways to try to get a nice output of all those messages in one place. Parsing feeds, implementing widgets, just linking to the external sites… it seems like every new project needed a new method.

I recently found Tint and I’m hoping that will be the new fix; allowing me to pull updates from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube and whatever else we decide to use into a neat little cohesive package.

I think my favorite thing about it thus far is how tidy it looks and the way we can make data from all those various sources look related and like they belong together. Easily. Quickly. Which is key when you are facing rapid turnarounds like getting an entire portal into a new marketing plan up and running in 5 days time.

Our new campaign is a 100 day program, it will be interesting to see the usage and interactions with our social media by using this aggregation. But I anticipate Tint being used in further campaigns beyond this. Every time I log into my Tint dashboard I’m inspired with ideas on more and more ways to use it.

So if you’re looking for a tool to collect social media streams, check out Tint. I’m very happy with it!

(PS — We paid for our own Tint account at work, this is just my rambling about how excited I am about it because I just didn’t feel this fit into my personal blog!)