Dear Morning Joe,
Jeff Jarvis

As a loyal Morning Joe viewer, I have also been frustrated this last year watching the regulars take satisfaction in predicting Trump’s rise before anyone else. A particular interview left me turning off the morning tv permanently a few months ago. As the primary came to an end and Trump became the clear leader, Morning Joe aired an interview with Hillary Clinton in which she said now that Trump was a serious candidate, the media would need to ask him the serious questions that all candidates are asked. She predicted that he would now be asked the typical questions, “What have you done?”, “What do you plan to do?”, and “How will you do it?”. When Trump called into Morning Joe, they showed that clip, and asked him what he thought about what Hillary said. “That’s crooked Hillary,” Trump said, a few times. Then the conversation moved on to the latest poll. The irony seemed to be lost on everyone except the audience.

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