In my view, these problems can be alleviated by technologists willing to abandon the safety of their craft to become congresspeople, journalists, lawyers, doctors, and more. Experienced technologists need to rethink their next venture. Don’t start a law tech company, start a technology focused law firm. Don’t run the technology department for a political campaign, run a political campaign centered on technology. Don’t create technology for educators, educate people about technology.
We Don’t Need More Coders
Tyler Elliot Bettilyon

Perhaps the best path forward is to avoid “othering” and resist the temptation to label people as technologists vs. non-technologists.

What if instead of abandoning our unique talents and domain expertise, we poured our energy into bringing individual strengths together and moving through the problems with a collective intelligence that is bigger than the sum of it’s parts.

A great example can be found here where the body of DC legislative process lives in github