Behind the Sunglasses

I have recently been on holiday, which was a lovely experience except for one aspect which was having a severe allergic reaction to something while I was away. I'm not sure exactly to what (I have a lot of allergies so it could have been any number of things) but it caused my face and eyes to become badly swollen.

I've had this before and thankfully this time I was in a sunny climate where I could hide the worst of the swelling under large, dark sunglasses.

All I had to do was keep these on when I headed out, and for photos, and no-one knew what was really happening underneath. In my pictures, I look happy and relaxed...but there’s the real story that I know behind the sunglasses.

It got me thinking about how this is a metaphor for our lives. We’re all hiding things behind our sunglasses.

We put our metaphorical sunglasses on for our public displays - in person or on social media. Often, the real story is hidden.

I like the quote about being kind to everyone you meet because you never know what private battles they are facing.

It’s a trusted few that you slowly take off the glasses for, to reveal the real struggle beneath...

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