Threads from the Future

I've spent a lot of time reading books about finding my 'purpose', my 'passion', my 'One Thing'.

I've always worried about not having this and fearing I never find 'It'? What if I spend my life searching or feeling I haven't found what I'm 'meant to do'?

Throughout my life, I've always seemed to be about more than one thing. I have a number of interests and passions and things I love to do, and have done from a young age.

Now, I feel and hope that, somehow in the future, these things will blend together in some way unique to me.

I might not know how at this point...

The book 'The One Thing' by Gary W Keller and Jay Papasan suggests a great question. It says you should ask: "what's the one thing I can do today such that by doing it will make everything else easier or unnecessary?". This question can apply to everything - the big picture or on a smaller scale.

This question helps to focus the mind but also confirms that you don't need to decide your overall Life Purpose before you do anything.

You don't have to know the full detail of the 'It', the ultimate thing you are aiming for; all you have to do is find the right next step from where you are.

Recently, I have begun to visualise this. In my mind I see different coloured threads. They're from the future. The ends dangle in front of me in the breeze. I just have to pick the one that appeals and follow it.

I don't know where it leads and I don't know where the end of the reel is, but I don't have to. It's the right next step from the moment I find myself in.

This visualisation helps me, partly because I feel like I have a choice (ie of what colour thread to follow) and it helps me to feel that the thread is leading me towards something.

Not only this, but it helps me to appreciate the journey. Happiness, as they say, is as much in the journey.

I'm guided by the thread from a distant reel...

Perhaps one day from the future, I'll turn and look back and see a vast criss-crossing rainbow of threads, my journey.

And, holding my current thread, I'll smile, turn back round, and continue on...