As with anything in life, one can look on the bright side, or go negative. Sometimes we go negative because it’s easy, whereas thinking positive creates challenges & opportunities. We can look at a glass that is half-empty, or one that is full of opportunity, promise and hope. Much has been written about artificial intelligence (AI) the likes of which will not end anytime soon.

Recent technological developments such as Alexa and Google Home have created a buzz that runs the full spectrum from panic and fear to wonderment and promise; in other words, from “half-empty to half-full.” “They’re listening to me” may be a paranoid response, or “holy cow, my practice needs to act now in order meet demand and keep my customers (happy).” The latter response was because Alexa was able to advise the physician that “your practice does not have enough supplies on-hand to meet projected demand for the next 30 days, thus resulting in a loss of X amount of revenue.”

Disruptive technology is exciting; it gets our minds twisting in ways we may have never imagined. Personally, I would rather focus on the inspiring and productive things that AI provides, as opposed to wondering if “she” is listening to me when I need to do my laundry or cut the lawn.

With technology the size of a hockey puck, we now have the ability to take control of our respective businesses on our terms, with very little cost and training. As far as I understand, most physicians have been trained to take care of patients, whether they walk on two legs or four, or even if they fly. Let’s imagine for a minute: You are a physician. You have a wonderful practice and great staff. Each day has its own unique rhythm. Your client base is stable and happy and you even get referrals regularly. You are dependent on others for data, because you have been trained to treat patients.

But you have questions. Maybe you are not sure of what to ask. Maybe there is a skill-set that you are not comfortable with. Maybe you simply prefer to do what your passion dictates — take care of patients.

Help has arrived. Alexa can give you as much or as little information as you want between the time you step out of bed and step foot in the shower. Maybe it’s grunge day and you skip the morning shower. Alexa does not care; she will provide you with information before you can grab your coffee cup. You might say that you are not comfortable or have time to be in front of a computer. You are not alone, neither does Alexa. On a personal note, I tried getting Alexa and Google Home to get into a fight on my desk. Basically, they told me to get lost in “AI” language. They are laser focused on what you want them to be focused on. Your practice already has the infrastructure, but it lacks an automated way to extract the meat and potatoes to put you in control.

Toss the spreadsheets. Toss the calculators. Toss the inefficiencies. Embrace change for the help it provides and the ways it gets us twisting and turning to see what more we can accomplish.

Sikka Software was built upon the premise of helping medical practices become more efficient by shining the light on the business aspects of running a practice. However, simplicity was built-in like never before because our software is a virtual plug-and-play to 96% of the practice management systems available today.