The Life-Changing Habit of Journaling (Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, and Many More Great Minds…
Thomas Oppong

I guess I too have been keeping a journal — for the last 49 years. My journals have been more about keeping track of things that I have learned each day.

So why did I start this?

Many years ago, my favorite aunt, a three-time Ph.D. professor, and teacher said to me, “always try to learn at least one new thing a day… either from the world around you or from the knowledge people have recorded in books and have passed on to you.” Since that time, I have always tried to learn one new thing a day. And to keep track of what I have learned, I write it down in a journal at the end of each day.

And so I have journals going back to when I was eight years old in the late 60's.

At the end of each year, I always go through the journal pages I have written for the year and reflect on the knowledge I have acquired and think of new things I want to learn and explore.

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