11 Irrefutable Problems with the Nintendo Switch

A lot of Nintendo fanboys are quick to defend the Nintendo Switch with many pros, but won’t admit the cons. And there are a lot of cons. A LOT.

Here are just 11

Con: You’ll have to take a break every 3–6 hours and use your other electronic devices.

I’m so bored!

Con: Your PS4 friends will make fun of you behind your back for having a “kid’s console.”

“And then he said: ‘I think it’s worth the money!’”

Con: Joy.

All the Joys.

Con: Your cow milking skills will be affected by switch cow milking, which almost certainly isn’t the same.

“I don’t know what happened! It was working when I played 1–2 Switch!”

Con: No Guitar Hero game.

These colors don’t run.

Con: No data plan means you’re can’t pwn n00bs in COD while driving.

You mad, bro?

Con: They neglected to make a vape peripheral.

Finally, a console that takes my vaping seriously.

Con: You’ll spend a lot of time on forums and YouTube defending why you enjoy it.


Con: You’ll meet girls at airports, trade phone numbers, then realize it’s pointless because you can’t StreetPass.

“I’ve got a piece that’ll fit right into your puzzle.”

Con: You may decide to build a gaming PC and then realize how under-powered your Switch is compared to your hulking desktop.

But muh graphics!

Con: You can’t bring it in the shower.

Gaming on the toilet just isn’t enough.

And these are just a FEW problems with Nintendo’s newest console.

I know you can think of more. #NoMoreGimmicks