Actinic Patterned Mask Inspection Panel SPIE EUVL Symposium + Photomask Tech

Emily Gallagher, IMEC
Peter Buck, Mentor Graphics Corp.

EUV Lithography: Managing Without Actinic Patterned Mask Inspection
The panel topic was chosen to be of interest to attendees whose work relates to photomasks and to those whose interests are aligned with EUV lithography. The technical discussion and debate will outline options for navigating EUV lithography in manufacturing without actinic patterned mask defect inspection. While systems have been proposed, actinic patterned mask inspection tools have not been prioritized (or funded) by the industry. Consequently, the early HVM landscape must be considered without them. Expert panelists will be invited to describe EUV mask defect management, the current inspection options, and the anticipated inspection technologies of the future. This will include a discussion of EUV blank defects and inspection, patterned mask defects and how they can be inspected in mask shops and in wafer fabs. This topic is critical to the semiconductor industry, where high wafer yield is essential in manufacturing, and is likely to generate active discussion. Audience participation will be encouraged.
Please join us in Monterey for this unique and compelling event. Since we expect high attendance, please register early for the conference and hotel.

This year SPIE Photomask Technology will be joined by the EUVL Symposium which will be co-located with Photomask Technology — September 11–14 in Monterey. For the price and effort of a single registration, attendees will have access to all the content of both conferences. This allows some people to experience a new conference, provides amplified motivation for management to fund attendance and avoids the nearly back-to-back early fall conference schedule of the past. As EUV lithography comes closer to production reality it makes sense to combine these two conferences with significant overlap in topics focusing on the remaining critical technical challenges to bring EUV lithography to high volume manufacturing. Expect a four-day symposium with a mix of single track, dual track, and joint sessions. The joint sessions will add both content and perspective. These include a joint poster session on Tuesday evening and a panel discussion on Wednesday prior to the evening networking event.

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