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Schwarzwälder Kruste“ according German baker Süpke

“Schwarzwälder Kruste” / “Black Forest Crust”

I read a lot of bread baking blogs and was surprised how many good pages are exist in the internet. Why not bake your own german bread, if you don’t get a good one in the supermarket, I thought. So I started baking my own bread only from 4 (“5”) ingredients flour, water, yeast, salt and the most important “TIME”.
I found the bread tasts better than the most stuff from the supermarket and I have got fun.

One day I found this bread recipe from a German baker named Mr. Süpke and I tried my first bread with sourdough. It’s a amazing experience create your own sourdough starter. This bread is really delicious my favorite currently and my family loves it, too! Therefore I bake sometimes two.


for 1 bread 850g 
(If you take other type of flour, you should adjust the amount of water)

58 g rye flour type 997
58 ml Wasser
5 g mature sour (starter)
waiting periode 18 hours with room temperature

194 g wheat flour type 812
135 ml water
1 g yeast
1 g salt
The pre-ferment should start 2 hours on room temerature, then store it in the refrigerator for another 16 hours.

Sourdough & pre-ferment
194 g wheat flour type 812
39 g rye flour type 997
5 g lard
10 g salt
5 g yeast
150 ml water


Whisk together the dough 8 minutes slowly then 4 minutes fast. Let the dough rest for 30 minutes covered in the mixing bowl. Knead the dough carfully and let it rest again for 15 minutes.

Knead the bread and let it rest into a slightly flour banneton with the closing on the bottom. After 60 minutes turn the bread and bake it for 60 minutes in the oven. The oven should warmed up 15 minutes before to 240 °C, after 10 minutes turn the temperature down to 210 °C.

The fluffily crumb of my German bread.

Preparation the Sourdough:

Before commercial yeast became available, bakers would use a bubbling mixture of yeasts and bacteria (a leaven) to both aerate the crumb and give a sharper flavour to the wheat. You can make your own bread improver by creating a natural leaven: In a clean jar mix 30 g rye flour with 40 ml of water, then add the same quantity of each the next day. Store it always on warm room temperatur and stire the dough all 12 hours.

The 2nd day the sourdough bubble and smells well sour

The 3rd day, add 60 g rye flour and 60 ml water. The mixture should bubble and smell pleasantly sour. After the 3rd day you can use this sourdough as described above. The blue line is the level after fill up the 3 rd day flour and water.

The 3rd day the sourdough works after 16 hours

For storage of your sourdough take 10 g and mix 50 g rye flour and 50 g water in a jam jar. Let the fermentation start on room temperature, then close the jar and put it in the refrigerator for the next bread starter. This sourdough is best before 10 days, maybe longer.

The starter for the next bread (10g, sourdough, 50g rye flour, 50g water)

I hope I could awake your interest in baking, regardless my weakness in English. Enjoy your own fresh and healthy bread maybe with good smoked meat and a a cold beer.

German bread “Schwarzwälder Kruste” and smoked meat for supper.

And another perfect one. Hey try it.

Schwarzwälder Kruste
Schwarzwälder Kruste, very delicious with salted butter.
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