Heurigen Bread

Heurigenbrot, from the Austrian bakers Gerhard and Philipp Ströck


“Heurigen” is the name of the wine taverns in vienna. In this taverns you can drink delicious wines and eat bread with lard and salt.

I need a fresh bread and found this vienna page. It was new for me, that you can use wine for bread and therefore I would try this recipe. I don’t got an austrian wine in my cellar. therfore I used an Chardonnay from South Africa.


for 1 bread
(If you take other type of flour, you should adjust the amount of water. I changed the flour type and the amount of herbs, because my son don’t like strong caraway in my breads)

10 g mature sour (starter)
70 g rye flour
70 ml water
waiting periode 12 hours with room temperature
100 ml water
150g rye flour (Type 1150)
waiting periode again 12 hours with room temperature

250 g sourdough 
250 g rye flour (Type 1150) 
250 g wheat flour (Type 1050) 
18 g salt 
 5 g bread herbs (fennel, corinader and caraway) 
15 g yeast
370 ml Chardonnay


I started the evening before my bread baking day to mix the ingredients for the sourdough starter. I covered the dough in my mixing bowl with a plastic wrap. Next morning I extended the sourdough with the other flour and water.

At the evening after work, I whisked together the dough 10 minutes slowly with my mixing machine. Let the dough rest for 35 minutes covered in the mixing bowl.

Knead the bread and let it rest into a slightly flour banneton with the closing on the bottom. After 60 minutes turn the bread and put it in the pre heated oven. Bake it 5 minutes with 250° C then for 65 minutes and 180° C in the oven.

Heurigen Bread according Gerhard and Philipp Ströck from vienna.

Try it on weekend and enjoy the bread with meat or vegetable soup. You will like the taste.

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