Pane tutto buchi, Bread with holes

Pane tutto buchi, la ricetta originale, according the Blog from Patrizia Tentori

Pane tutto buchi

This Italian receipe is a good chance to have fresh bread at the evening, even for hard working people. Because you can prepare the dough at the evening before and store it in the refrigerator for 18 hours.


120 g sourdough

300ml cold water
250 g wheat flour, type 550
250 g wheat flour, type 1150

+ 50 ml of water, which will be given later to the dough,
1 teaspoon of honey
12 g salt.


I creted the starter in the morning with 10g mature sour (I used me rye flour strater), 55g wheat flour and 55ml lukewarm water.

Sieve the wheats in a bowl and whisk together the 300ml cold water to a dry dough. Let it rest for autolyse 20–40 minutes.

Whisk together the 120 g sourdough with the 50 ml cold water, a table spoon honey and 12g salt to a wet soft dough. I used a mixer and stir 10 minutes on medium speed.

Let the dough rest for 3 hours in a covered bowl. In this time fold the dough 4 times all 45 minutes like a envelope from botton to top. My recommendation use a dough card, because it’s a sticky work.

Knead the bread and let it rest into a slightly flour banneton with the closing on the bottom. Put the baneton in a plastic bag and store the dough in the refrigarator for approximatly 18 hours.

Next day, take the dough 2,5 hours before baking out of the cooler.

Put the bread it into the 240°C pre-heated oven. Put a small ceramic bowl with boiling water on the ground of the oven. But be carefully that you don’t hurt yourself on the hot things. Reduce the heat to 210°C and bake the bread for 60 minutes. Take the water out 20 minutes before the bread is ready.

Pane tutto buchi, la ricetta originale, according the Blog from Patrizia Tentori
Pane tutto buch
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