Don Smith

I did some work years ago with Polaroid on behalf of one of their US agencies. They had just added some sort of fancy, unheard of, new doohickey to a polaroid camera that somehow took pictures digitally as well. They thought it might be a neat function for builders/architects/business people etc.

By the time we’d done just a few group discussions we were rushing back to Polaroid saying: “Forget the Polaroid bit, the digital thing is everything!” (I exaggerate only a little to make the point).

But Polaroid just couldn’t react to such news in any meaningful way, could they. After all, this was just a handful of Polaroid customers, talking to one wee ad agency, working on one wee bit of their gigantic business. They were just not genetically-susceptible to hearing the wee boy who said the Emperor might not have any clothes on.

Perhaps if they’d been open to the thinking behind transference they might have found a better way to respond?

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