Reuters is one of the cornerstone newspapers — don’t understand how you’ve placed it so low on the…
prasoc ⚜

C.J. didn’t “place it so low”. As she said very clearly, it is someone else’s graphic that she was referencing.

But if you look at the graphic, “high” or “low” placement is based on the depth of reporting. It has nothing to do with veracity or political leaning of the reporting.

Have you ever seen a 30,000 word in-depth analysis of a specific policy issue from Reuters? No? That’s because that isn’t what they do. The over-whelming majority of reports from Reuters is less than 100 words. They are great for finding out that a train derailed in India or that the U.S. Supreme Court released a decision today. But they won’t do any in-depth analysis of why trains derail in India or what the legal reasoning is for that U.S.S.C. decision is (at least not more than one line).

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