The Education Divide is the Jobs Divide, and it’s the Biggest Issue of Our Time
Stacy McCoy

We can move unemployed displaced workers and the underemployed workers stuck in low-wage jobs into these high-demand high-wage jobs with reskilling, upskilling, and training

Can we?

Grab an unemployed 50-year old factory assembly line worker and send them off to school for a 4-year degree in Computer Science. When they get done they’ll be an unemployed 54-year old with a useless degree who will spend 6 months sending their resume out for every job in IT they see. They’ll get 2 or 3 interviews and zero job offers.

You can do all the “reskilling, upskilling and training” you want but until employers stop openly discriminating based on age, the very people you are talking about still won’t have any sort of secure job.

The reality is that employers are using the college degree as a means of discriminating on the basis of both age and race.

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