What exactly are the rules about hate speech?
Brain Magic Admins

That seems like a problem. We limit sex talk, but we don’t limit hateful speech as a country. And yet, hateful speech does inspire violence. We don’t have many cases of pornographic images causing deaths and major injuries.

Does it seem like a problem? When was the last time someone was arrested for “sex talk”? There are tens of thousands of porn sites out there that depict people defecating in other people’s mouths, gang rape, etc… yet they are protected speech. “Contemporary community standards” now includes naked people wandering down the street simulating sexual acts just for the sake of seeing who can be the most outlandish. Is there anything left that violates “contemporary community standards”? It seems that is now pretty much limited to child porn and bestiality and those aren’t based so much on them being “obscene” but on the child’s or animal’s inability to consent.