‘Farm to Table’ will disrupt the food industry for good

Farm to Table isn’t going to disrupt anything unless it can drastically reduce the costs.

That Blue Apron box you mention at $10/serving is $50/meal for a family of 5. Their “Family Package” gives you 4 meals/week and 4 servings/meal (for a total of 16 servings) for $139.84. You’re on your own for the other 17 meals/week (that’s 68 additional servings for a family of 4).

The cheapest package from imperfectproduce is $11 and would cover one meal for a family of four but it contains no protein so you have to find that on your own. You also have to add in a delivery fee for their service (Blue Apron delivers for free.) So figure $18-$20 at a minimum for 4 servings once you add in protein. Better, but still not anywhere near reasonable for most families.

I spend less than $120/week to cover 16 meals/week for 5 people (80 servings total).

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