Also, nobody is interested in gentrifying in the sticks.
Kenneth Lynch

Gentrification takes on a slightly different form but it exists in “the sticks”.

During the 90s tech bubble thousands of people in greater Boston and New York City got rich. They bought vacation homes in Portland Maine (as well as most of southern and mid-coast Maine), Vermont and upstate NY. Then they retired early and moved into those vacation homes full-time. The entire city of Portland Maine was gentrified and multi-million dollar estates got built on top of the farmland and small homes that used to populate those areas.

The same thing happened with the Hollywood and Silicon Valley people that took over Jackson Hole WY, Boise ID, Denver, Colorado Springs, Vail and Pueblo CO, etc..

Both Maine and Colorado used to be pretty reliable “red States”. They aren’t any more because of the demographic shifts from the people that moved in and gentrified.

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